Healthcare sector

The healthcare sector encompasses all professions and businesses involved in the healthcare system –the orthopaedic shoe manufacturer, the doctor at the university hospital, the nurse and the designer in the field of medical technology. It has evolved into an extraordinarily important economic sector in Schleswig-Holstein. Almost one in five employees in the region works in a wide variety of areas in this field: in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, rehabilitation units, medical research institutions and pharmaceutical companies; at manufacturers of medical aids, specialist IT providers and companies operating in the wellness industry; as medical designers or serious games developers. Healthcare is also becoming more important in the tourism sector.

The diversity of the sector shows that health is not only based on ‘care’, but also on economic potential. Networking plays a really important role here. However different the roles of individual players in the healthcare industry may be, they all face challenges of some kind, such as a shortage of skilled workers, demographic change or regulation within the healthcare sector. Networking provides an opportunity for them to see themselves as part of a strong industry – enabling them to take on challenges or discover opportunities together.

The region is endeavouring to bring together the players in the healthcare sector. The nationwide congress ‘Networked Health’ provides an excellent platform for people and businesses to network, share ideas and think outside the box. Companies, hospitals or examples of good practice can thus find contacts and opportunities beyond the region’s borders and promote themselves and Schleswig-Holstein.

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